LUMO Introduces New Programmatic Capabilities

LUMO Digital Outdoor and Doohly

LUMO Digital Outdoor and Doohly have partnered in the development of anew, independent solution that will help streamline the entire direct and programmatic DOOH buying experience, as innovation continues across the channel.

Doohly, an Australian DOOH AdTech startup that launched in 2020, has paired with New Zealand based digital out-of-home provider LUMO to deploy a purpose-built content management system (CMS) that will manage the roadside DOOH network.

It's difference - a truly live, independent solution accessible to all CRM, ad server, supply side platform, audience measurement and DOOH verification technologies open to integration.

With the new partnership, LUMO has greater control over how it manages its networks for the benefit of buyers, from ad scheduling and reporting through to programmatic delivery.

Doohly’s CMS solution was built in tandem with LUMO’s custom CRM (customer relationship management) system to reduce the requirement for manual involvement once campaigns are approved.  

The DOOH provider, having seen the potential in programmatic buying for the channel, sort a platform that could integrate directly with supply side platforms without the need to reserve a spot in the loop for programmatic access.

Ensuring that inventory remains fluid between direct and programmatic buy types, the integration will push all available inventory to SSPs but allow direct campaigns to be allocated to the ad play opportunity if not fulfilled by programmatic buyers.


This new system and partnership with Doohly is allowing us to embrace innovations in the programmatic without the integration siloes that exist amongst players. We're taking more control and some of the key projects we are aiming to push forward will provide equal access to our inventory. Doohly is a key part of that with its ability to drill down to the integrations across the different platforms that we use.” Jack Plowright, GM Programmatic at LUMO Digital Outdoor.


The integration with SSP partners such asHivestack and Vistar will allow clients to have open access to the LUMO networkprogrammatically, regardless of what demand side platform they wish to buythrough. Soon, live programmatic inventory on the network will be available tohelp manage impression capacity and campaign delivery.


The Doohly CMS solution is set up to ingest real-time audience measurement data via the LENS platform, as well third-party display verification platform, Seedooh, providing a fully integrated campaign delivery system built for the demands of advertisers using DOOH.


“We’re committed to helping build and support the DOOH industry globally, and this partnership with LUMO was a natural step forward for that goal. We’re incredibly excited to be working alongside LUMO for this new industry initiative.” Sean Law, Co-Founder of Doohly.


“We are seeing a shift in attitudes towards programmatic buying, and the growing demand has created an opportunity for us to provide a better pDOOH solution. The new software platform is innovative, purpose built and unique to our market, and gives us at LUMO yet another way to meet growing expectations around the demand for flexibility of DOOH campaigns. Ultimately we’re helping the market see the adaptability needed for the digital channel as we anticipate the future needs of our clients.” Phil Clemas, CEO and Co-Founder of LUMO Digital Outdoor.

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