LUMO and Pitchblack combine forces to get businesses ‘Up and Running’

Ruby up and running

In a new non-profit initiative, Lumo and Pitchblack have combined to offer free design and billboard placement in an effort to help Kiwi businesses restart after lockdown.

‘Up and Running’ allows local businesses to tap into the minds at Pitchblack who are offering free creative design for businesses to get their products displayed on Lumo’s national network across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga.

This non-for-profit initiative by the two companies is set to help SME’s who have been the most affected in the five-week Covid lockdown.

Any small business can get in touch, from hospitality to retail, professional, personal and trade services plus many more. Additionally, Aux Digital and Assembly have come on board to facilitate the website and animation.

Phil Clemas of Lumo says this initiative should not end with them and Pitchblack, but should be joined by other creatives and advertisers who want to give a helping hand.

“Lumo and Pitchblack are kicking this off, but we really want other media companies to step up and get involved with the Up and Running. TVNZ, SKY, NZME. We all have an obligation and the resources to help get the country up and running again, and that starts with small businesses; the lifeblood of the nation.”

Tom Paine of Pitchblack Partners says that as they’re also locally owned and operated, they know how hard the last month has been on businesses.

“Lumo and Pitchblack are both independent and 100 percent Kiwi-owned, so we know as well as anyone what it’s like to operate a small business in New Zealand. We know nothing about vaccines, and knitting face masks would be a disaster, but we know marketing and can put our skills to good use remotely.”

Paine says technology is a big part from the start to make the process as easy as possible for all parties involved.

“We purposely designed the billboard template in a modular fashion so it could be easily populated with logos and imagery. When a business uploads their information to the website, it goes directly to our amazing designer ‘Hattie-3000’, who lays it up for speedy approval. Lumo has super-efficient digital tech that can then have the artwork live in minutes. It’s an extremely streamlined process, especially given each of us are working kilometres apart.”

One of the first businesses to use the service was the Chia Sisters, where co-founder Florence Van Dyke saying the support has been incredible.

“There has been an upsurge in local support and collaboration during this time and LUMO and Pitchblack are at the forefront of that. We lost 70 percent of our business overnight when cafes and restaurants closed. This opportunity will fast-track the pivot of our business to online delivery and has the potential to help keep our business afloat and team employed. This type of generosity makes us grateful and proud to be a Kiwi company.”

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