October 2021

LUMO Digital Outdoor teams up with Tracksuit

 LUMO Digital Outdoor has teamed up with marketing insights company Tracksuit which will give LUMO advertisers the ability to track and measure brand health and awareness on a rolling monthly basis; an industry first.

Tracksuit is an online dashboard that enables any company to track the strength of their brand, compare against their competitors’ brands, and get valuable advice on what the numbers mean and what to do next. Now, clients across LUMO’s nationwide network of LED screens will be able to see the real time influence of OOH on their brand health.


“Tracksuit is an innovative disruptor that has created a smart technology platform that delivers brand insights and transparency unlike any other. That attitude aligns perfectly with LUMO and was the key reason why we agreed to partner with the guys at Tracksuit.” Phil Clemas, LUMO CEO and Co-Founder


The LUMO Tracksuit partnership will allow the digital out of home provider to offer their clients affordable access to meaningful data insights. 

“The Tracksuit solution provides a 12-month rolling survey that will give our clients more understanding of the effect their marketing activity is having on several factors related to brand health. It can also include comparisons to important competitor brands and will ultimately allow LUMO advertisers the ability to use the insights to make smarter decisions while in motion, that will help to continually improve their brand health results,” says Clemas.

The Tracksuit brand platform is a joint venture between leading insights experts TRA (The Research Agency), and brand and innovation agency Previously Unavailable. Now, LUMO and its clients will be able to tap into valuable real time data insights to see the true effectiveness of OOH advertising.


Connor Archbold, Director of Tracksuit says: “At Tracksuit, we’re building the new way for growing brands to measure, understand and communicate brand health. We’re excited to partner with LUMO to help their clients track the impact of OOH campaigns and how they enhance brand awareness, consideration and preference. As two young, disruptive companies, Tracksuit and LUMO are well aligned on using data to illustrate the returns on marketing to build stronger brands.”

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