• Address
    249 Moorhouse Ave, Sydenham
  • Dimensions (M)
    4.2m x 5.8m
  • Screen I.D.
  • Traffic Directions
  • Digital Duration
    16 Seconds
  • Lens Daily Audience

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Positioned on a vital part of Christchurch’s inner-city one-way roading system, this screen meets three lanes of busy commuters heading east into the CBD. Dwell time is high during peak times due to the close proximity to the controlled intersection of Tuam and Durham St South.


LUMO-St Asaph

LUMO-St Asaph. 135 St Asaph St

LUMO-Riccarton In

A main thoroughfare for traffic heading in and out of busy Riccarton shopping precinct, this screen greets the high audience volumes heading west towards the main retail area.

LUMO-Riccarton Out

This busy location greets all city-bound traffic traveling east along this main road from Riccarton, Upper Riccarton, Sockburn and other western areas.

LUMO-Moorhouse OUT

This busy three-lane main road transits busy traffic from the inner-city and eastern suburbs west towards and beyond this location. The major controlled intersection offers high dwell time adding further value to this high quality screen.

LUMO-Moorhouse IN

One of the busiest roads in Christchurch, this screen not only provides strong audience volumes heading east throughout the day but also high dwell time due to the major controlled intersection with Lincoln Rd.

LUMO-Lincoln OUT

High visibility is a hallmark of this screen. Busy traffic turning into Lincoln Rd from Moorhouse Ave ensures consistency in volume and quality throughout the day and night.

LUMO-Lincoln IN

Sitting proud alongside this high profile fuel station, this screen greets traffic audiences heading into the city from Addington and other southern and western suburbs. High volumes and high dwell due the major controlled intersection with Moorhouse Ave.


LUMO-Durham. 235 Durham St South

LUMO-Blenheim Rd

LUMO-Blenheim Rd. 36 Lowe St


LUMO-Colombo. 340 Colombo St340 Colombo St