OOH is a one-to-many media channel that is unavoidable, impactful, reaches far and wide and is seen as very trustworthy.


Over 70% of all OOH ad spend in New Zealand is on digital assets. This is because in addition to impact, reach and trustworthiness, Digital OOH adds immediacy, dynamic content capability and tech-driven innovations that provides greater transparency and audience accountability than ever before.

When creating an effective digital billboard advertisement, follow this guide:

Keep it succinct

You only have a few seconds to get your message across so keep the message short.

Use large sized font

Most people are going to see your ad from quite a distance so size does matter.

Use an image

Not a must but pictures do speak a thousand words. Ensure it's large and high quality.

Big brand identity

You invest in the recognition of your logo so make sure people can see it.

Avoid script font

Ensure it is easy to read.

Use humour

When used well and appropriately,
it makes the ad more memorable.

Contrast colours

Makes it easier to read and see.

Floating O

Our Process

Let's Meet


We want to get to know you and understand your business needs; who you’re trying to reach, when, where and why to get maximum results.

  • - Business Goals

  • - Challenges

  • - Solution

  • - Desired Results

LUMO Proposal


We will prepare and present a recommendation that leverages the strengths of our network while meeting your marketing objectives.

  • - Markets

  • - Campaign Timing

  • - Budget
    - Media Schedule

Campaign Management


Once approved, we contract the media booking, confirm the media schedule and provide the artwork specifications.

Once received, ad content is uploaded, there is no limit on number of artwork pieces. When the campaign starts, log-in to LUMO Livestream to see it displaying from the comfort of your desktop. We will email you a Proof-of-Posting report within 48 hours of the start.

  • - Contract

  • - Artwork

  • - LUMO Livestream
    - POP Report

Campaign Reporting


We provide full transparency throughout the campaign to give you peace of mind.

Tech-platform Seedooh independently accesses our media players remotely to prepare display verification reports, upon the campaign’s completion.  

They also access the LENS platform to verify actual audience delivery including cumulative reach, visitor frequency and unique reach.

  • - Independent Display Verification

  • - LENS Audience Data
    - Peace of mind