Therapeutic Skincare Company

Aotea is a therapeutic skincare company based on Great Barrier Island deeply inspired by mātauranga māori with its philosophy entrenched in the principles of tikanga and remaining environmentally friendly.


Aotea often talks about the māori world view. The products are inspired by mātauranga māori (māori knowledge), but the model of the business and their philosophy transcends making skincare products; they try to adhere to principles of tikanga as well as their local environment. On Aotea they don’t have a public utility for water or power they have naturally become solar powered as well as employing a reticulating water system. Forcing them to think cleverly about being clean.

Most importantly they believe in being authentic – if you don’t believe in what you’re doing it becomes hard to connect with others. They have a highly engaged social media following of likeminded consumers but in order to achieve growth they would like to acquire new customers.


Aotea had just opened their first concept store in downtown Auckland at Commercial Bay and to increase brand awareness and drive customers to the new store they placed revolving campaigns on central city screens as well as the periphery suburbs like Ponsonby and Kingsland.


Aotea chose to conduct a DOOH campaign to present their brand above the noise. There is something that comes with being able to showcase the brand on a screen that isn’t a phone, it allows for a certain identity.

As a young brand it was one of the best ways for them to increase credible brand awareness.

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