Case Studies

Macca's Ad-Ons

McDonald's NZ, DDB Group Aotearoa NZ and OMD New Zealand have hacked our network of digital billboards by utilising a media space that was hiding in plain sight all along – the little screen at the bottom of every digital billboard that displays the LUMO logo.

The Great Debate

The partnership between MBM and LUMO Labs has many Kiwis expressing their votes for Vogel’s in the campaign titled Vogels vs Vogel’s. The campaign encouraged bread lovers to share their opinions on how they store, eat and even spell Vogels. MBM was able to utilise LUMO’s LED screens to drive high engagement during the voting period. Live results were pulled from social media results and updated across the nationwide network, where it was displayed to LUMO’s mass-reach audience.

Check it's alright, before you light
Fire & Emergency NZ

New Zealand, where the wilderness often seems untouched, is faced with a latent, smouldering danger – one that has scorched our beautiful terrain, threatened lives and destroyed local ecosystems for years. Around 4,500 wildfires ravage 7,300 hectares annually, and the frequency is increasing alarmingly, with incidences growing over 40% in the last 30 years. The toll on our environment, biodiversity, treasured conservation lands, private properties, and above all, the invaluable loss of life cannot be overstated.

Keep A Metre From The Heater
Fire & Emergency NZ

LUMO Digital Outdoor teamed up with Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) to deliver New Zealand’s first programmatic out of home digital campaign.

Therapeutic Skincare Company

Aotea is a therapeutic skincare company based on Great Barrier Island deeply inspired by mātauranga māori with its philosophy entrenched in the principles of tikanga and remaining environmentally friendly.

Menswear Subscription Service

Founded by brothers Noah and Sam Hickey, Asuwere was created to solve their own fashion needs. An experienced designer, Sam has spent many years working for fashion brands both here and in the UK. Their first garment, a linen shirt, sold out and in their customer research they learned that guys don’t like shopping but do like having a perfect capsule wardrobe. Thus the unique subscription service was born.

Compostable Resealable Bags & Clingfilm

Compostic is New Zealand’s favourite brand of 100% home and commercially compostable resealable bags and clingfilm. For the past four years, founders Jon Reed and Josh Bowden have been researching and developing solutions to provide Kiwis with better options to pesky plastics starting with the kitchen.

Live Your Pet Life
Southern Cross Pet Insurance

LUMO Digital Outdoor teamed up with Southern Cross Pet Insurance to produce a New Zealand-first ‘speedometer billboard’ alongside Southern Cross’ ‘Live Your Pet Life’ campaign.

Girls Get Off
Girls Get Off

Girls Get Off is a wellness and sex toy brand on a mission to destigmatise female pleasure. Through their brand messaging and engagement they're empowering women in all things pleasurable, and helping to remove the stigma or taboo that comes with talking about 'getting off.' Whether you’re a self-pleasure newbie or experienced, Girls Get Off are raising the conversation and creating a safe environment for women to open up.

Time to Grab a Beer
The Garage Project

The Garage Project is an independent Aro Valley-based brewery founded by Jos Ruffell and brothers Ian and Pete Gillespie. Together, the trio transformed an abandoned car garage into a high-end craft brewery, producing an artisanal range of beers. The Garage Project teamed up with LUMO Digital Outdoor to better promote their flagship beer, BEER. The team wanted to promote their beer with a simple but effective advertisement to celebrate the simplicity of enjoying a beer on a hot summer’s day - it’s time to grab a beer.

Moving With The Times
Z Energy

LUMO Digital Outdoor teamed up with MBM and Z Energy to deliver a New Zealand-first programmatic digital billboard. The innovative digital billboard was launched by LUMO alongside Z Energy’s latest campaign ‘Moving with the Times’.

Premium Co-Working Office
Textile Lofts

Textile Lofts is a premium co-working office, located in Parnell’s fast-growing industrial precinct. Co-working and shared office spaces allow businesses to hand over the responsibilities of signing long term leases, fitting out and furnishing office space, arranging network and printing services, and ongoing management of daily office tasks and supplies.